Art Pitching, Ryu’s Value in an Era of Fading Sixth Inning Starts

14 September 2023 0 By

It wasn’t that big of a deal before. Until 2013, when Ryu Hyun-jin (36) first made the big league stage, there were 80 starting pitchers who averaged more than six innings per game. It was natural for a starting pitcher to throw six innings and go down the mound. Ryu Hyun-jin also started 30 games and averaged more than six innings, recording a total of 192 innings.메이저https://strikemall.com놀이터

Not anymore. All coaches are agonizing over the timing of the replacement of the starting pitcher. The fifth and sixth innings, which face the opponent’s batting line for the third time, always come as a challenge. The number of pitches is also strictly limited to around 100. As such, the proportion of middle pitchers has increased, and it has become difficult to find a starting pitcher who plays long innings.

That’s the case in average innings alone. There were only 25 starting pitchers last year, an average of more than six innings, compared to 80 10 years ago. 11 in 2021, the first full-time season since COVID-19, and 29 in 2019, before COVID-19. On a full-time basis, the average of the last three seasons is only about 22. As of the 13th (Korea Standard Time), only 18 starting pitchers have an average of more than six innings this season.

Therefore, Ryu Hyun-jin’s six-inning pitch against Texas on the 13th can be meaningful. It’s not a big deal to turn the clock back, but it’s different now. On this day, Ryu Hyun-jin pitched 82 pitches and allowed five hits, one walk, five strikeouts and three runs in six innings. He allowed the most runs since his return match against Baltimore on the 2nd of last month, but pitched the first six innings of the year. In addition, it was a quality start (QS: more than 6 innings as a starter and less than 3 earned runs) 480 days after the game against Cincinnati on May 21, 2022.

Ryu Hyun-jin of the Toronto Blue Jays made his seventh start since returning from elbow surgery on the 7th and became a losing pitcher with five hits, one walk and two runs in five innings against the Oakland Aces. Associated Press

It is an era when starting pitchers are unable to show their energy, and Ryu Hyun-jin proves his value with his own art pitching. It’s been a long time since the fastball standard has reached 100 miles, but Ryu Hyun-jin still catches batters with a maximum speed of 90 miles. In the match against Texas on the 13th, Ryu Hyun-jin recorded a maximum four-seam speed of 90.6 miles (about 145.8 kilometers) and a minimum curve speed of 62.5 miles (about 100.5 kilometers). The difference between the maximum and minimum speed is 45km, and he struck out a standing strike with a curve with the minimum speed.

The maximum four-seam speed is more than 90 miles. For Ryu Hyun-jin, yes. Even with this much speed, you can complete the mission by harmonizing cut fastballs, changeups, curves, and two-seam fastballs that are thrown from time to time. Ryu Hyun-jin continues his value as a Finnes pitcher representing the big leagues even during the elbow surgery rehabilitation season.

Ryu Hyun-jin of the Toronto Blue Jays will take the mound against the Texas Rangers in the remaining games.

In addition, if it looks like now, there will be demand in the FA market this winter. Although the contract period is short, it is suitable for Winnow with immediate power. The starting pitcher’s ERA this season is 4.48 (as of the 13th). This is also a significant increase from 4.01 in 2013. It is the highest figure since 4.54 in 2019, indicating that the recent struggle as a starting pitcher in the Major League has continued.

Ryu Hyun-jin’s career ERA in the big leagues is 3.25. Although he has only eight games this season, he is at a level of 2.93. He promised to return to the KBO League while maintaining his skills, but is expected to play as a high-quality starting pitcher in the big leagues for at least one or two more years.