The best thing about Korea… K League Brazil players talk about the advantages of Korea

11 September 2023 0 By

It was in Korea’s environment that Brazilian players playing in the K League spoke together to praise.

According to data released by the Korea Professional Football Federation, a total of 104 foreign players are playing in the K League 1 and 2 as of the 2023 season. Among them, as many as 51 Brazilian players are from Brazil. It is safe to say that half of the foreigners in the K League 1 and 2 are Brazilian players.

Why are there so many Brazilian players. Basically, Brazil is so popular that it is called a country where all citizens play soccer. Because the pool of players is wide, there are many players who are outstanding even if they are not players playing in the national team level or the first division. For K-League teams, whose annual farming is divided depending on foreigners’ performance, the Brazilian league looks like a mine with hidden diamonds. The fact that Brazilian mercenaries have succeeded in the K League is another reason why K League teams prefer Brazilian players to players of other nationalities.바카라

On the contrary, I wonder why Brazilian players choose to go to the K League. Better treatment, including higher salaries than they received when playing in Brazil’s lower leagues, may be the main reason, but playing in a country on the other side of the globe for money is generally quite difficult for players who have to stay abroad for at least a year. Especially for players with families to support.

There is a reason why Brazilian players can easily choose to go to Korea. The most satisfying thing for Brazilian players who are currently playing in the K League was the Korean environment to adapt quickly. Brazilian players, who met at the Capo Football Store in Dongdaemun, Seoul on the 10th, all praised the Korean environment.

Nilsson Jr. (Bucheon FC), who has already spent eight years in Korea since joining the K League through Busan I-Park in 2016, said, “At first, I felt a difference in culture and had difficulty adjusting, but I’ve been doing well since I realized that it’s a culture that can be adjusted if I wait calmly. Now, I talk about this to new players who come to Korea,” he said, adding that it did not take long to adapt to Korea.

He also said that the environment in Korea is good for parents with young children. Nilsson Jr. said, “I feel there is a difference between education in Brazil and education in Korea. For example, Korea is a culture that values courtesy, but it is difficult to learn this part in Brazil. He praised the environment of Korea, saying, “My child seems to be accustomed to patience and courtesy while staying in Korea.”

Edgar (Daegu FC), who has been in Korea for about four years, also said, “Korea may be difficult to adapt at first, but it is a country that has no problem living happily as long as it complies with the set rules. “I can easily get used to life in Korea,” he said, adding that he shared the same opinion as Nilsson Jr.

Denilsson, who plays for Seongnam FC, was also the same. Denilson, who accompanied his child who seemed only a few months old, said, “I think the environment in Korea is better than in Brazil. When I gave birth to a child, I felt that the hospital and postpartum care facilities were well established. So I called my pregnant wife to Korea. As a parent, I feel that the environment in Korea is good,” he said, adding that he is satisfied with the environment in Korea from the perspective of his parents.

Rumor has it that interest in the K League is also increasing among Brazilian soccer players as several players from Brazil are adapting well in the K League. Callevi, the operator of the “K-League Brazil” account, which delivers news of Brazilian players playing in the K-League, said the number of players who contact Brazil first has increased since the account was activated.