“I’m serious about Oh Seung-hwan” “What’s wrong with the same player?”

11 September 2023 0 By acquyotonguyenthe.com

From his powerful delivery to his expressionless face, there’s a player who looks just like his role model Oh Seung-hwan.

You can hold it, you can swing at it, but batters are helpless against the 19-year-old second-year pitcher.

This is Park Young-hyun, the nucleus of KT’s bullpen, who says that he throws a stone fastball with a maximum velocity of 150 kilometers.메이저사이트

“Usually, players think they’re going to hit the ball with a grip like this, but I think I’m going to put a lot of pressure on it from the beginning and just press it down.”

From their facial expressions to their delivery, Oh Seung-hwan and Pan Bak are a match made in stone.
“I was originally a very mentally weak person, but when I saw Seung-hwan Oh, I thought it was very important to manage my facial expressions on the mound, so I studied that since middle school, and I think it helped me a lot.”

Seung-hwan Oh’s admiration for the pitcher is so genuine that he prepared different types of drinks when they first met.
“I can feel a lot of love!”
“I’ve really liked you since a long time ago.”
“Call me later!”
“I’m really looking forward to seeing you…”
“Don’t say that~ We’re the same player!”

Their skills are also comparable.

He currently leads the league with 29 holds.

In August in particular, he appeared in a whopping 15 of the team’s 23 games and recorded 10 holds in a month for only the fourth time in history, a rarity for a bullpen pitcher, earning him a monthly MVP nomination.

He’s even garnered some controversy, but the chance to win a gold medal and a championship ring at the same time only fuels his motivation.

” It’s definitely both. Since the Asian Games come first and I have to play the Korean Series afterward, I think I need to prepare better for the Asian Games and not get injured.”