Ahead of ‘7 games from hell, including DH’, veteran lefty departs, traded for Lee Hak-Joo, and it’s time for the second best ERA in baseball.

 The 13th game between KT and Samsung, which was scheduled to be held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon, was canceled for two days in a row.

Samsung adjusted the starting rotation accordingly.

On the 31st, against KT in Suwon 메이저사이트, Taylor Widener will start as scheduled.

Choi Chae-heung, who was scheduled to start on the 29th and 30th, delayed the schedule and started against Daegu NC on the 1st.

Because there are variables. Veteran left-hander Baek Jung-hyun left the game due to sudden elbow pain.

Baek Jeong-hyun, who was expected to start the game against Daegu NC on the 1st, digested bullpen pitching in the rain on the 30th, two days before. He threw between 40 and 50 pitches and felt pain on the side of his elbow.

Immediately after the decision to cancel the rain, Samsung coach Park Jin-man said, “Tomorrow, Player Widener will go out as scheduled. It is better for foreign players to follow the routine as much as possible. “I think Baek Jung-hyun’s place will be replaced by Choi Chae-heung. I think Baek Jung-hyun will need a break. If you have pain, the selection will only take a few days, so we plan to remove one entry, treat it, and post it again.”

Accordingly, it is expected that David Buchanan, who skipped the scheduled start date on the 29th due to back dysentery, will follow Choi Chae-heung and Won Tae-in in the three consecutive weekend games against NC.

The problem is the next week.

After playing 3 consecutive matches with Lotte in Ulsan on the 5th and 7th, move to Jamsil on the 8th and 10th to play 4 consecutive matches with Doosan, including a double header. A situation where you have to play 7 consecutive matches in 6 days. Recruitment of starting pitchers is needed.

The opportunity finally came to Ha-neul Choi with Samsung’s tall sidearms.

He was originally scheduled to be selected against Suwon KT on the 30th. Buchanan was scheduled to start after being called up last weekend as his appearance was delayed due to a sudden back phlegm.

The long-awaited first-team call-up and starting appearance were canceled in vain due to rain. Due to the cancellation of the rain, Choi Chae-heung, who was selected on the 29th, moved to the 30th. Even this game was canceled due to rain, and it was Widener’s turn on the 31st.

Choi Ha-neul is running first in the overall ERA (2.49) of the Futures League. However, his call-up has been delayed because his speed has not increased enough to be effective in the first team.

Since becoming a losing pitcher with 7 hits and 7 runs in 1⅓ innings against NC on May 20, he has never stepped on the first team stage.

Returning to the starting mound for the first team in 102 days. once it was canceled However, he is certain to start next week.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man implied that he would give him a chance to start, saying, “I tried to raise him as the most stable player among the Futures League selections.

Second start of the season. Will he be able to wash away the disappointment of his first appearance in May? In order for Samsung without Baek Jung-hyun to continue its upward trend, he is a key player who must play his role.