“When you return to Loyalty AG, Sanchez…” KIA’s 5th selection project, 30-year-old special diver ‘An Touch’

“I think it will be better if Sanchez returns when Loyalty goes to the Asian Games.”

KIA has 40 games left, the most of 10 clubs 메이저사이트. According to the KBO’s remaining games on the 29th, only three doubleheaders were caught. Almost no days off until mid-October. However, there are four fixed starting pitchers (Thomas Panoni, Yang Hyeon-jong, Lee Eui-ri, and Yoon Young-cheol).

Take comfort in the fact that Mario Sanchez’s elbow isn’t the worst. Sanchez will undergo injection treatment for the next three weeks. Afterwards, the bullpen pitches to find out when to return. When the match against Gwangju NC on the 29th was canceled due to rain, coach Kim Jong-guk said, “It’s not a bigger injury than I thought. He’s not up to surgery. It is an injury that has room for a comeback.”

At the same time, coach Kim Jong-guk said, “I think it will be better if Sanchez returns just when Ui-ri goes to the Asian Games.” It is the best happiness circuit that KIA expects. Lee Eui-ri will shake off her mild shoulder discomfort and make a comeback on the 1st of next month in Incheon SSG. However, he will join the Hangzhou Asian Games national team scheduled to be convened on the 22nd of next month.

As coach Kim said, it would be best if Sanchez joined at this time. If not, there may be three starting pitchers fixed from the end of September. Anyway, from now on, there is no 5 starting system in the remaining 40 games. He should endure as the 4th starter, but keep in mind the possibility of temporarily becoming the 3rd starter.

Due to the mound, tactics are inevitable. Immediately, veteran Kim Kon-guk’s start against Gwangju NC on the 29th was cancelled. However, there will be more days to see Kim Kon-guk in the future. Second-year right-hander Hwang Dong-ha (21), another right-hander Kim Jae-yeol, Yoon Joong-hyun, and left-hander Kim Yu-shin are fully operational.

It is best if they pitch 5-6 innings stably, but realistically expect only 2-3 innings. You can also use them as 1+1 in a game. Coach Kim said, “I hope you throw short innings with all your might.” There is also a variable called a double header, so it can be a bullpen day.

Manager Kim said, “The remaining one spot is to rotate and appoint pitchers who throw as starting pitchers in the Futures League, or if that player pitches well, that player gets a chance. Since the number of entries increases on September 1, it is possible to switch to bullpen day. He will be able to give chances to several players.”

Pitchers are expected to occupy most of KIA’s expanded entries, which will be applied on the 1st of next month. Since the starting lineup is super-commercial, the bullpen has to share the load as well. Already from the beginning of the season, energy consumption was high due to large and small cracks in the starting lineup, but there is no other way.

Manager Kim said, “The bullpen is difficult, but I think we need to give more strength. I wonder if there will be 2 or 3 more players in the bullpen right now. I am thinking of one catcher and one in the infield and outfield, but there are many fielders, and it is a difficult schedule for pitchers.”

In fact, among the main bullpen pitchers in the current first team, there is Lim Ki-young (30), a former starting pitcher. However, coach Kim made it clear that he would not use Lim Ki-young as the starter no matter how bad the starting lineup was. Since he is the ace of the bullpen, he seems to have taken out the lower stone and put it on the upper stone.

It is crucially Lim Ki-young’s protection. Manager Kim said, “I have already played many innings with the bullpen. Now, if he is used as a starter, there is a risk of injury.” This season, Lim Ki-young threw 66.2 innings in 48 games. It is the most innings among pure reliever pitchers. Even in the remaining 40 games, Lim Ki-young is the core of the bullpen.