Hwang Sun-hong Ho smiles as Cho Young-wook becomes the new top scorer

One of Hwang Seon-Hong’s big worries as he prepares for the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September is the forward striker. Several 먹튀검증 players, including Oh Hyeon-gyu (Celtic) and Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan), were nominated, but none of them were nominated.

While there are many concerns about the absence of a goal-getter, Jo Young-wook (Kim Cheon)’s recent performance is a great comfort to Hwang Seon-hong’s under-24 (U-24) soccer team coach.

In the round 26 match of Hana One Q K League 2 2023 against Seoul E-Land held at Gimcheon Sports Complex on the 15th, Cho Young-wook received a pass from Kim Min-jun just before the end of the game leading 2-0 and scored a key goal, leading the team to a 4-0 victory.

This goal was Cho Young-wook’s 12th goal in the league. With this, Cho Young-wook became the sole leader in scoring in the K-League 2, beating Valdivia (Jeonnam) and Glayson (Gyeongnam, 11 goals).

Compared to the beginning of the season, the performance has improved remarkably. Cho Young-wook scored only two goals in the first 14 league games after the opening. His versatility, which had been recognized since his days in FC Seoul, shone, but he continued to feel regret for his ‘decisiveness’ that had always been attached to him like a tag.

However, after scoring 10 goals in 10 games, he is showing a different decision than before. In particular, from the match against Ansan Greeners on June 10th to the match against Gyeongnam on July 23rd, he scored 7 goals in a row, setting a tie record for the most consecutive matches in K League 2 history.

In this E-Land match, Cho Young-wook’s goal sense, which reached its peak, shined. In the middle of the second half, he scored a goal using his speed, but as a result of the video review (VAR), his colleague’s foul was recognized earlier and was canceled. Cho Young-wook, who had gone near the goal, scored a goal just before the end of the game.

In the hot summer, players’ stamina decreases and their performance also declines in most cases. However, Cho Yeong-wook is showing the exact opposite appearance as his performance is revived in the summer.

Jo Young-wook’s performance makes Hwang smile. It is no exaggeration to say that the U-24 national team participating in the Asian Games is the strongest ever in terms of second-tier resources. Starting with Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain), who is likely to join, Hong Hyun-seok (Ghent), Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart), Go Young-jun (Pohang), Eom Won-sang (Ulsan), and Song Min-gyu (Jeonbuk), players who are not strange to play in the A team are lined up. has been

But the front striker is a problem. Park Jae-yong (Jeonbuk) and Ahn Jae-joon (Bucheon) were selected, but the weight is off. He tried to select Joo Min-gyu as a wild card, but he could not be selected due to poor coordination. I also had in mind the selection of Oh Hyun-kyu and Oh Se-hoon (Shimizu), but I failed to convince my team.

In a difficult situation in many ways, it is possible to fully consider the method of using Cho Young-wook, who has recently risen, as a forward striker. Although Cho Young-wook is classified as a midfielder resource, he can play not only on his side but also as a forward striker. From Hwang’s point of view, it became an important card.