PGMOL chairman admits wrong call, Onana reacts “What are you talking about, PK…happy to win”

Manchester United won 1-0 in the first round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2023-2024 season against Wolverhampton 메이저놀이터 held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on the 15th (Korean time). However, ‘Come’ was also on the chopping block.

Manchester United’s new goalkeeper Andre Onana has clashed with Wolverhampton’s Sasha Kalazic. Onana pounced on Kalaijić after the ball had already left. Khalijić collapsed on the ground and complained of pain.

However, as a result of VAR (video review), no penalty kick was declared. Wolverhampton coach Gary O’Neill, who protested the decision, received a yellow card according to the strengthened rules. In the end, the match ended with Man United winning.

PGMOL, the EPL refereeing organization, also had a ‘frenzy’. He admitted his mistake. Britain’s ‘BBC’ reported that ‘Howard Webb, president of PGMOL, contacted Wolverhampton officials after the game and apologized for the decision mistake’.

The general manager, John Moss, also bowed his head. O’Neill said, “Moss said it was an obvious foul and a penalty should have been awarded. Moss apologized and it was fair play.”

“I spent a lot of time today trying to understand the new guidelines with Morse. I tried not to get a warning, but I failed in the end,” he said. He said he couldn’t believe what he didn’t do. I felt worse that they left with nothing. They don’t seem to think it’s an obvious error.”

On the other hand, Manchester United manager Eric Ten Haag, who defended the victory, said, “It can always happen.” Onana, the person involved, said, “It’s not a penalty kick. The goalkeeper’s decision may or may not be right sometimes. This was my decision, and everything is my responsibility.” It didn’t happen. The most important thing for us was to win and I’m happy to win.”

When asked about his feelings at the time of VAR, he emphasized, “Of course I was sure (a penalty kick would not be awarded).”