“I’m done setting up the table, but why can’t you float?”‘ Kane hesitates to go to Munich even though the agreement is reached, why he is hesitating to make a decision

The long and long ‘Kane Saga’ has come to the stage where the ending is just around the corner. It was a long journey just to get here. Bayern 안전놀이터 Munich have finally reached an agreement with Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy after tremendous efforts. Now, the player himself, that is, Harry Kane, just needs to say ‘OK’ and it’s over. But Kane is suddenly hesitating. Munich is in an embarrassment.

The British media Telegraph reported on the 10th (Korean time) that ‘Munich has reached an agreement with Tottenham on the transfer of Kane. However, Kane is contemplating the biggest decision of his career, ‘said’ Kane is really hesitating about his transfer. Munich is also baffled by this situation. The odds of Kane staying or leaving Tottenham are exactly 50/50.”

Munich, which has worked hard by making four revised proposals for the signing of Kane, is going crazy and jumping. Munich did not jump into Kane’s recruitment in earnest in the early days of the transfer market. Originally, Manchester United took the lead in signing Kane. However, Manchester United could not meet the condition of the ‘transfer fee of 100 million pounds’ put forward by Daniel Levy. In the end, Manchester United canceled the signing of Kane.

From then on, Munich took off in earnest. First of all, Munich put Thomas Tuchel in front to clearly confirm Kane’s intention to transfer. Early last month, coach Tuchel visited Kane’s house in London, England, and had a conversation with Kane. Here, Kane made it clear that he wanted to move to Munich for the championship trophy. In fact, it reached the initial stage of individual agreement.

After confirming Kane’s intention in this way, Munich began negotiations between clubs in earnest. Tottenham’s baseline was clear. The transfer fee was £100 million. Munich took a step-by-step approach and tried to figure out Tottenham’s exact requirements. It started with the first proposal of 70 million euros. When Tottenham rejected it at once, it was raised to 80 million euros. Tottenham also rejected this offer.

Then, in Munich, the club’s leadership directly stepped forward. CEO Jan-Christian Dresen and technical director Marco Nepe flew to London at the end of last month and set up a negotiating table directly with Levy. Here, the 3rd proposal, which has been modified and supplemented, was presented. Negotiations were concluded by telling Chairman Levy to let him know whether or not to accept the final offer by the 5th.

However, President Levy rejected even this. He even went on vacation to the United States, ignoring his final notice request. It is an act of utter disregard for Munich. As a result, it was an advanced negotiation skill. Stimulated by this, Munich finally sent a 4th proposal that met the 100 million pound baseline, and eventually reached Tottenham’s ‘OK’ sign. The Kane transfer saga seemed to end like this.

But it wasn’t over. This time Kane is hesitant. Kane, who seemed to be wearing a Munich uniform with an OK sign, fell into a django when the moment of final decision came. He is known to be troubled by his lingering attachment to the EPL’s all-time scoring title, his affection for Tottenham, and his family’s move. Will Kane be able to leave for the Bundesliga with everything organized? He is burning the insides of Munich and Tuchel.