Samsung, the head coach, and players all feel the change in ‘the team’s batting average in the second half.’

 As the weather got hotter, the bat of the Samsung Lions got hotter. The protagonist of the team’s batting average in the second half is also Samsung.

As of the 6th, Samsung is recording the 꽁머니지급 highest team batting average in the second half with a team batting average of 0.336 in 14 games. During the same period, the team’s on-base percentage (0.400) also ranked first, which means that on-base, which should be the basis for scoring, is well done.

Samsung also secured a winning series by winning two days in a row in a confrontation with the LG Twins in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 4th and 5th. In particular, the players maintained their concentration until the end of the game, to the extent that both games were close matches with a difference of less than 3 points.

“Veteran catcher” Kang Min-ho, who is trusted by the players, said, “After entering the second half, many players are taking turns playing, and I can see that I have the strength to catch up, so I get strength too. The burden was relieved.” 

Kang Min-ho said, “Originally, if there were games where you just lose in a losing game and then win, then you chase after it and then turn it over again.” It seems to have changed a lot. As the hits keep coming out, the team atmosphere seems to have improved,” he smiled.

The feelings of young players are not very different. Lee Jae-hyun, who is in charge of one axis of the center line, said of himself, “As the team wins a lot, the atmosphere naturally seems to improve. The older brothers and older brothers in the middle seem to be trying to brighten the mood first, so I think the older brothers’ help is great.” commented.

Just as much as the players, the command tower is feeling the current change. Prior to the game against LG on the 5th, Samsung coach Park Jin-man analyzed, “Young players are moving well. It is a difficult situation physically in the hot weather, but we are managing the physical parts of young players well in the training part.”

Coach Park continued to praise the key players, saying, “The concentration in the game is improving a lot, and there is a synergistic effect with the joining of Ja-wook Koo, who has returned from injury.”

Another thing the command tower mentioned was the performance of players who ‘gained opportunities’. Manager Park Jin-man expressed satisfaction, saying, “Players such as Seong-yoon Kim and Dong-jin Kim, who were to play as starters during the season, are doing well.”

At the same time, coach Park said, “It would be nice if the existing players did well, but if the substitute players perform like that, it seems to lead to a good effect because the atmosphere of the team revives that much.”