Chungnam Asan coach Park Dong-hyuk on “We prepared strategically. We must win”

Chungnam Asan FC head coach Park Dong-hyuk is determined to win against Seoul Eland FC.

The Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 Round 24 match between Seoul Eland FC and Chungnam Asan FC kicked off at Mokdong Sports Complex in Seoul on March 31. Seoul Eland head coach Park Chung-gyun and Chungnam Asan head coach Park Dong-hyuk met with the media before the match.

Park Dong-hyuk and Chungnam Asan earned a point against Bucheon FC 1995 in their last match. They have a chance to bounce back. Seoul Eland head coach Park Chung-gyun described Chungnam Asan as a very tricky team. He said, “We are seen as a difficult team to play against every time. We have good recruitment now, and if we keep it up, we can move up to a good position.” “We have more attackers, so we can rotate. We have more attackers, so we can rotate, and I’m looking forward to seeing the players who are fit and ready to play an important role.”

Park continued, “It was a strategic decision to start Song Seung-min, Kang Min-kyu and Hapael. We thought a lot about it because of the weather conditions. That’s what we decided. The players are in good shape, so I believe they will do well.”

U-22 goalkeeper Moon Hyun-ho will make his first start of the season. Park said, “Moon Hyun-ho has grown a lot since the FIFA U-20 World Cup. I wanted to give him a chance, and today is the day. We need to be adventurous when it comes to fighting for positions,” Park said of the start.

Chungnam Asan brought in Lee Jae-sung in the summer transfer window to stabilize the back line. How has the addition of the veteran center back worked for Chungnam Asan? Park explains, “We were often losing high battles while conceding goals. Since Lee Jae-sung came, he has been doing a good job in the center. Currently, Jang Jun-young is out with an injury and Lee Eun-beom has accumulated cautions, but I believe the other players will do a good job.” 메이저놀이터

At Mokdong Sports Complex, a Japanese fan from Park’s playing days came to visit. “I haven’t seen him in years. He used to come when I played in Japan and when I played for Ulsan Hyundai. I haven’t seen him in recent years, but I saw him today. I’m grateful for his interest even after becoming a coach. When people like this come and cheer for me, it gives me strength,” he said.

Finally, Park said, “We must win to leap up the rankings. We are currently scheduled for a summer training camp in Changwon,” Park said, pointing out the significance of the game against Seoul Eland.